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Live Streaming is quickly becoming a critical component for organizations that need to communicate. Churches, businesses, entertainment venues, sporting complexes all are seeing the value live video streaming offers. And while streaming can be very easy – just a cell phone click or two – when the requirements get more complicated, so does the process.

That is where we come in.

We offer three basic services: System design and configuration for houses of worship, live event streaming for business, entertainment,  and sporting events, and technical support services. 

System Design and Configuration

We are not equipment resellers. However, at our core, we are experts in system design. We offer our services to churches and faith based organizations who are looking to put in a professional live-streaming service without paying the high price of hiring an AV integrator. We also assist organizations that have systems in place but need technical support, maintenance, training, or operational services. For more specifics, click here or on our ‘For Worship’ tab on the menu.

 Live Event Streaming

If your business, concert, special event, or sporting tournament needs live-streaming, we are ready to help. We have several packages to record and stream your program. Packages include:

Single Camera Package (2 hour, half day, full day)

Ideal for sporting events, presentations, and concerts

  • Includes: HD Camcorder, operator, wireless microphone
  • Streaming to YouTube, Facebook, or Zoom
  • Venue Internet check or cellular Internet interface
  • Program recorded in full 1080i HD quality

Mevo Multiview Package (2 hour, half day, full day)

Ideal for interviews, concerts, and small meetings. The Mevo gives you the ability to have multiple camera ‘views’ from a single device. 

  • Includes: Mevo, extended battery, operator, professional audio interface, operator
  • Streaming to Vimeo, YouTube, or Facebook
  • Venue Internet check or cellular Internet interface
  • Program recorded in 720p or 1080p HD quality

Multi-camera Full Production Package (half day, full day)

Ideal for large venue keynotes, corporate meetings, and high profile sporting events.

  • Includes: professional video switcher, up to 4 HD cameras, projection screen interface, on-screen graphics, chromakey, computer interfacing, professional crew
  • Streaming to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, zoom, or any RTMP location
  • Venue Internet check or cellular Internet interface
  • Program recorded in 1080p HD quality – ProRes or h.265

Technical Support Services

For churches or businesses who stream on a regular basis, we offer a variety of technical support systems. These include:

  • Live-stream distribution systems for broadcasting on Facebook, YouTube, and your own website
  • Maintenance and software update services to keep your equipment running
  • Remote broadcast management (coming soon)
  • Staff training services

For more information, contact us using the form on this page or click the ‘Livestream Packages’ menu button.

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