Live-stream Packages

Having a successful streaming system requires several key elements. While we don’t sell equipment, we know it very well. And to help you get the most effective outcome, we’ve packaged our expertise into packages that will help you build and operate a first class streaming system.

System Evaluation and Design Package

One of our specialties is helping our clients build effective streaming systems without having to pay high prices from AV integrators. Our team can evaluate your existing equipment and design an effective streaming system to meet your needs. We will create a full list of equipment and vendors, then provide detailed system schematics for installing and configuring the system. Or, our team can also be engaged to assist with post-installation set up, configuration, testing, and training.

Our process starts with a free basic evaluation of your existing system. From there we provide a full project outline with our recommendations and anticipated costs. The project outline can be provided to an installation vendor for competitive pricing, or you can purchase and install the equipment yourself. We’ll be there to help you whatever path you take to ensure everything works flawlessly.

Stream Management, Support, and Distribution

One of the biggest challenges of effective live-streaming is getting your video to the necessary outlets. To reach the largest audience, it is important to get your stream to multiple locations including Facebook, YouTube, your own website, Roku, and AppleTV. 

We offer a¬†service¬†package that solves this problem. Utilizing the power of Vimeo Pro, we’ll set up your streaming services, configure all streaming end points, and help embed the stream on your own website. Included in the package is Vimeo’s powerful Studio software which we will install and configure for you. This software allows us to provide remote support and even operation of your streaming.

Live-stream Production Package

The heart of any streaming system is the process of converting the output of your cameras, graphic computers, videos, and audio to a stream that can reach your viewing destinations. This is called video encoding. While there are many ways to manage video encoding, we’ve designed a PC based system that will take all the hassle out of streaming effectively..

It includes:

  • A Windows based PC with enough horsepower to stream effortlessly
  • 4 or 8 video inputs (SDI or HDMI) capable of accepting HD cameras or computers to be switched by the computer
  • Studio software designed to manage all video, audio, and multimedia inputs and switch them to your final output
  • Full warranty and software upgrade support for the first year (expandable beyond 1 year)

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