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The LiveStream Guys started at church. Owners Dave, Jamie, and Scott all met as part of the Media Ministry for a large church in Indianapolis. In that time we learned a couple critical things:

  1. Churches need to communicate outside their walls – Whether it is new membership, staying connected with youth, or supporting members who cannot attend in person, livestreaming is becoming a critical function of the churches that attempt it.
  2. Livestreaming is growing process – Most faith organizations do not immediately jump into streaming full force. Instead, the process of growth often evolves as the staff learns how to manage the broadcast and the congregation provides feedback of what they like.
  3. Faith-based organizations need to be good stewards – That means building and operating your live-stream system on tight budgets while still delivering top quality results.

Getting Your Congregation Ready

Putting any worship service together is a challenge. There is the message, the music, the coordination. And your audience has expectations as well. When you add live-streaming, the dynamics of your worship service can change. Will you have to compromise to make the local and online experience work? What level of preparation will be required to effectively broadcast each week? What will an online service mean to your congregation? Will it bring in new members? Can it help you stay in touch with your youth as they graduate and head off into the bigger world? How will elderly members who cannot physically attend anymore adapt?

We can help you with these questions and others as you begin or expand your live-streaming programs. Our experience working with and inside churches provides an insider perspective that transcends the technology. We’re eager to help you make your efforts a success.

Designing a System to Meet Your Needs

Effective live-streaming begins with your system design. Video, audio, lighting, and flexibility all need to be considered. And budget is always a concern. Our expertise is helping build systems that work and can be built without breaking the bank. Whether you want robotic cameras, elaborate multimedia presentations, or just a simple camera output, we can help.

We’ll help you configure your existing equipment – especially your sound system – to interface with your new capabilities. We’ll also help you consider how the equipment will be operated. Often times AV is delegated to volunteers. Adding live-streaming can be a challenge for a staff that has never operated the equipment. This must be part of your design or you risk building a technological marvel that noone can operate.

Training and Managing Your Live-stream Team

Regardless of how elaborate your system is, you’ll need to operate it each week. And whether your staff consists of professionals or volunteers we can help you train them and prepare them to provide top level results. 

We also offer remote management support to provide updates, maintenance, and even remote operation of your live-stream equipment. To learn more about these services, see our Livestream Packages page.  

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